• Jeff York Celebrity Frenchies

    My name is Jeff York and I live in Lewisville, Texas. I have been breeding frenchies for 8 years. I have 3 females and 1 male. Your puppy comes kid ready as they are played with daily by our children.   Puppies come with a one year health guarantee. My puppies can be personally delivered to you to your closest international airport by my flight attendant friend. It is best to reach me by phone. 469-767-7988.   The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Frenchies.

  • Penelope Turner

     We are a small  family owned breeder specializing in French Bulldogs. We focus on the health, structure, and the temperament of our Frenchies. Our dogs are “hand raised ” in a fun loving environment and are well adjusted to people and other pets. We are proud of the quality of our dogs and the bloodlines we are able to pass on to the families that get our puppies.    Our Frenchy babies are raised in our home with our family. They are spoiled, fondled, and loved everyday. We are dedicated to having healthy dogs so we have a strong  healthy foundation for our puppies health.  We start them on wormer at two weeks of age so worms are never a problem. They are kept in a clean whelping box with easy access by their mother inside our home. Our pups get all their shots and medical treatments performed by our veterinarian, at Morton small animal clinic Athens TX.   All of our puppies are covered by our health guarantee. Each puppy comes with a veterninary health certificate, and microchipped with an AKC reunite microchip before they travel to their new forever homes.   French Bulldogs are cute, fun, loving, dedicated, and very smart. I would recommend you do some research on the breed before deciding to add a Frenchie to your home. They can be hard headed, stubborn, and take a little more to train than some other breeds. If you are looking for a compact, medium energy, little love muffin you have come to the right place.     The information and images included in this listing were sourced from PND Bulldogs.

  • French Bulldogs by Bullistik TM

    My husband, Dave, and I met in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1983 while he was there on business.  As cliche as it may be, for Dave and I, it was love at first sight and by December of 1984 he had convinced me to move to Dallas, Texas, the place that he called home. We arrived in the wee hours of the morning on Christmas eve, 1984, in the midst of a Texas ice storm.  Having spent 16 years of my life in warm and sunny South Florida, I was more than a little doubtful about making this new frozen tundra my forever home.  But, I promised Dave I’d give it a chance, and I kept my word.  It’s now 2019, and for all the crazy weather we endure at any given moment, there is no place like Texas, and it will always be our home. We purchased our first dog, the boxer Frasier, about a year after we married and that was the beginning of what turned out to be an affinity for everything canine, but particularly anything molosser, big or small. We both had dogs (heinz 57) as kids growing up but neither of us had owned a dog as adults until Frasier, and he was the first purebred AKC registered dog either of us had ever purchased.  Shortly after Frasier joined us, we bought two English Bulldogs to show and breed. Well, those two girls, Mercedes and Licorice were responsible for getting us into the show ring and our first AKC specialty club.  However, breeding Bulldogs turned out to be more heartache than joy, so we decided that although we loved the bulldog breed, we needed to find a breed that was considerably more healthy, had less reproductive issues, but was still ‘bully’ in structure. Leaving a dog show in 1990, I spotted an odd looking , almost black, smallish bulldog with funny shaped erect ears in one of the show rings.  I just had to find out what that dog was, so I waited for the owner to exit the show ring and introduced myself to him. He, Al Hendrix, and I talked at length about his darling little dog that turned out to be a brindle French Bulldog. When I got home from the show, I told Dave, ‘I’ve found the perfect breed for us!’  It took me months to locate French Bulldog breeders (no internet in those days) and what seemed an eternity to find ones that had Frenchies available, but eventually we brought home our brindle boy, Chevalier, and our cream girl, Boutique. Needless to say, those two made a lasting impression on us.  Here we are, twenty nine years later, and French Bulldogs are still ruling the roost here at Bullistik.   The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Blue French Bulldogs by Bullistik.

  • Allie Meier

    Allie Meier is from South Carolina and breeds French Bulldogs. The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Sparkle City French Bulldogs.

  • Strawsers French Bulldogs

    Hello, and thank you for looking! We’re centrally located in Mifflintown, PA. We reside in a peaceful country setting on 8 acres. We have a small hobby farmette, with some neat critters. Our dogs are the joys of our life, and all reside in our home as part of the family! We have been breeding for over 10 years.   When you buy a puppy from us, you then become a part of our extended family. We’re always available for any questions, or concerns you may have. We love hearing updates on how our puppies are doing in their new homes, feel free to contact anytime!   The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Strawsers French Bulldogs.

  • Motley Acres Farm & Kennel

    Welcome to Motley Acres Farm!  My name is Barbara Lockwood and my husband Billy Ferris and I have lived on the farm sense August 15, 1990. I opened my kennel in 2009 after leaving the wonderful world of retail management.  We are located in New Bethlehem, PA.  One & a half hours north of Pittsburgh, two hours south of Erie & one hour east of Ohio, just off Interstate 80. We raised and showed horses and ponies for several years and our deep love for dogs helped us to make the decision to turn the stables into a kennel.  We started out breeding AKC Golden Retrievers then brought in the AKC Irish Setters.  We just bought two nice male & 3 female AKC French Bulldogs. These French Bulldogs are excellent for apartment living and also great in the cities. These dogs are also very good with children and other family pets. If you have other pets they will be just fine. They all joined our family because of their sweet temperament, cute as can be look & because I have several families wanting them.  We no longer breed Golden Retriever’s. As much as I love them, I am cutting back my work load. The stables were completely overhauled to make them the best kennel for our dogs.  The entire floor is heated for the comfort of every dog, puppy and visitor.  All of our dogs are home raised with access to large outdoor exercise areas.  Inside areas measure 10 x 10 and larger.  Above all else, quality, healthy puppies is what we strive for. Many of our dogs have been trained on bird hunting and shown excellent ability in doing so.  Many of our dogs are also bred for show quality and have excelled in the show ring, along with therapy and service dogs. Bloodline, proper nutrition, exercise and socialization are the focus points of our breeding program.  Our dogs are fed a top grade premium dog food and expectant mothers are supplemented with vitamins and minerals during their pregnancy. ​ We have different litters of puppies throughout the year and our indoor heated kennel offers the customer and our dogs and puppies a comfortable environment for selecting a puppy in the winter months.  During the hot summers our kennels are air conditioned for the up-most comfort of our dogs and clients. ​ Puppies are kept with their mother full time until the age of four and a half weeks.  They start eating puppy chow at three weeks and start potty training as well.  The puppies receive ample amounts of human interaction as well as play time with other puppies.  Between five and eight weeks of age, the puppies are checked by a veterinarian, weighed and given their initial vaccinations.  At eight weeks of age, the puppies are ready to go home! Each puppy comes with the following; AKC application for registration, micro-chipped, a one year health guarantee, vaccination report, and vet check report. Our main goal is raising healthy puppies and dogs with great temperaments, and to assure that they land in loving homes.  Shipping is available by air from Read more [...]

  • Cocalico French and English Bulldogs

    We offer AKC French and English bulldogs puppies raised here on our family farm in rural eastern PA. Our puppies are well socialized and loved daily by our children. It is our goal to raise quality and healthy puppies that will give their new families a lifetime of love. Our puppies receive the recommended vaccinations and are wormed. They will be checked by our vet at approximately 7 weeks old, and we provide you with health papers, vaccination record, and AKC reg papers.   The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Cocalico French and English Bulldogs in PA.

  • Frenchies Furever

    Here at Frenchies Furever, our French Bulldogs are what we live for, they are family companions and part of our everyday life.  I would like to offer the same great experience to select homes that I received back in my teen years, a French Bulldog puppy.  From that day I have been astounded by the breed ever since. Rare lilac and lilac merle french bulldog puppies for sale of grand champion lines and AKC registered right here in the heartland of Lancaster PA Pennsylvania Lilac and lilac merle french bulldog puppies are currently available for sale! Breeding for over 10 years!   Specialize in raising French bulldog puppies and no dog here is a kennel dog. My dogs run on the ground/grass and interact with me from daybreak to dusk and sleep inside at night with the leisure of using their doggy doors to come in and out as they please.  All of my dogs are current on vaccinations and are taken to the vet at least once on a yearly basis for checkups. Puppies are given love and care from the day they are born till the day they are ready for their new home which is never sooner than 8 weeks.  At 3 weeks they start a raw moose meal, to help mom out. At 4 weeks of age, they begin interacting with visitors and introduced to sounds that they will encounter throughout their life such as vacuum cleaners, thunderstorms, traffic, sirens, etc. At 5 weeks of age, we begin crate and potty training. By 6 weeks of age, we start weaning pups from mom and onto their raw diet. We do a balanced raw diet which is 80% meat, 10% bone, 5% liver and 5% other secreting organs. By 8 weeks they will be ready for their new owners to continue training and spending daily time and actives so they grow up to be a great part of the Frenchies Furever family. I strive to give my puppies the best start in life so that they can grow up to be a healthy, happy part of their new family. If you are interested in my puppies, I require an application to be filled out in order to help ensure our dogs go to the best homes possible. I have the right to refuse to sell a dog to anyone, without any reason given. Full and Limited AKC registration is available. Warranted* (as per our written contract) until their 1st birthday. Feel free to email with any questions you may have at: [email protected] or text/call 484-719-3307 The Frenchies were carefully selected from around the U.S and bred for family companions and you have come to the right spot. Here at my farmette with the help from our Frenchies; I also produce fresh vegetables, produce, meat, free rang brown eggs mostly for the family. I do occasionally take orders to those that ask, so feel free if you are local and interested. I do not use chemicals, pesticides, hormones or synthetic Read more [...]

  • Umpqua Valley Kennels LLC

    Umpqua Valley Kennels LLC, is located in Drain, Oregon. At Umpqua Valley Kennels, we raise family-friendly French Bulldog Puppies and offer French Bulldog puppy/dog ownership education and lifestyle assistance to families (even if you did not purchase from us!). Our French Bulldog Puppies are given a wonderful start in life that provides them with the love, socialization and training they need to become ideal pets. We also believe that nutrition is an essential component of raising healthy, well-mannered French Bulldog Puppies and dogs. For this reason, all of our dogs are fed food and supplements that are free of wheat, corn and gluten’s and are optimized for canine nutrition. Furthermore, all French Bulldog Puppies under our care receive regular exercise, play, and affection. We are more than happy to provide references – in fact we insist. Our references include not only folks that have purchased French Bulldog puppies from us, but also our Veterinary and County Licensing info. Checking references is an important part of your homework on any breeder you are considering purchasing a French Bulldog Puppy from! We invite you to check out our website and see for yourself how beautiful, healthy and happy our French Bulldog Puppies are! Among our pages, you will find a virtual tour of our clean, spacious and well-kept kennel and state of the art nursery. After you’ve looked over our website, give us a call and let us help you with your quest to find the perfect French Bulldog Puppy or Dog companion. The information and images included in this listing were sourced from UVK French Bulldogs

  • Joyce Alexander

    We are a small family based, professional breeder of French Bulldogs in Southern Oregon. Our Frenchies are raised in a family environment and we pride ourselves in providing irresistible, lovable and healthy pups for your home or breeding line. ​We believe color is fun, quality is required. The information and images included in this listing were sourced from My Furever Frenchie