• Alicia Kaitlyn Collins

    My name is Alicia “Kaitlyn” Collins. I breed French Bulldogs in the Tupelo, Mississippi area. I do not breed every time my pups are in heat. I do it as a hobby when I feel I have time to cater to the puppies and their mom.   French Bulldogs are a great breed. I feel everyone should have a chance to raise one at least once in their lifetime. They are an expensive breed due to breeding complications that commonly arise but they are worth every penny in my eyes!    

  • Sweet T Bulls French Bulldogs

    I am a hobby breeder of French Bulldogs. ¬†Showing dogs is my passion, and I strive to breed healthy dogs that enhance the breed. My dogs are part of my family and live in our home.   I presently have 1 Champion, two have been number 3 in the NOHS for French Bulldogs for 2012 and 2014 and 4 Grand Champions. ¬†I am a member of the Greater Shelby Kennel Club and a member of the FBDCA. [email protected]