• Blue Grit Kennel

    Thank you for your interest in our French Bulldog breeding program. We strive in efforts to provide a well-socialized representation of the breed in every puppy we handle. Keyword being handle. We take a hands-on approach to raising a quality puppy. My wife is a former veterinary technician and I am a former biology instructor. Together with our son, we take great care in the health and socialization of every puppy in a family oriented smoke-free environment. Please feel free to view all information presented on this as well as our website bluegritkennel.com and feel free to ask any questions we may have failed to provide the answers to. A picture of a prospective puppy is just the start of the selection journey but we believe you will see in our puppies that we are emotionally as well as responsibly invested in our breeding program of which has been built over the past 20 years. The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Blue Grit.