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    Over the years, we laughed at those preferring little dogs. We scoffed at the thought of ever having a small dog, “not in our house”, were the words often heard. Yea, we got the idea they were cute, cuddly, etc., we simply did not understand the infatuation with small dogs. Being a big dog family, boxers were our breed of choice; we loved their gentle temperament, athletic appearance, and eager playfulness. Then something happened, our family was watching the Westminster Dog Show as we do every year, rooting for our favorites—when all of a sudden out came this adorable, compact, rolling–gated, tough–looking little character. And what character! The crowd roared on TV, the announcer played into the audience’s exuberant attention with an upbeat introduction, and our lives changed forever. Just a few weeks later we acquired our first French Bulldog; Lucky Sir Louie. Louie won us over with his ever-cheerful “big dog” mentality wrapped in a diminutively stout package. Initially, we thought of our new “Frenchie” as just a fun companion but the more time we spent with Louie the more we appreciated the breed. Soon we began studying French Bulldogs. We researched every article we could find. We went to dog shows, talked with breeders, and met handlers. The more we learned the more we desired becoming an integral part of promoting this outstanding breed. As a result—Mugz Kennels—our commitment to producing the very finest quality French Bulldogs available. The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Mugz Kennels.