• Dreamcatcher Hill

    Welcome to DreamCatcher Hill! I originally started a website in 2009 to make it easy and fun to learn about my Westies. I have raised a small number of purebred puppies for over 30 years, variety has grown as my human family has also grown. We are all different! The farm here in Brighton Illinois is a dream come true. We love our dogs, rescued critters of many varieties and country life. I raised dogs for over 30 years, Westies for over 25 years. I have 3 grown children, and 2 grandsons I am blessed live only a few miles away. I have a terrific fiancé who also loves the farm and critters. He’s also capable of fixing anything he puts his mind too. A handy man is just the best! Plus extended family and friends who visit, move in and stay, or live here as a temporary home as they each build their own dream. We are blessed to be a part of it all. Over time I have added pages and updated the farm name from Laurel’s West Highland White Terriers to DreamCatcher Hill, as our furry family has grown to include our rescued dogs, horses, Art’s adorable loving Cavaliers, soft furry poodles for designer crosses, the super-wrinkly, smart Shar Pei crosses, and ever silly happy Frenchies. My Uncle AL who moved here in 2013 added Pugs! I can now understand how people call them the clowns of the dog world. In 2016 my aging mother and aunt also moved here full time. We completed their own little house here on the farm in fall of 2017. Fortunately we were even able to make room for my cousin, Brenda, who moved here May 2016. She has been a huge help, not sure what I would do without her! Unfortunately I had to figure out what I would do without her as she has gone back to her ex-husband up north 6 months later. Aryne, a young mom with 3 little boys, we met in December 2016 moved in April 2017. She needed a place and we needed help with paperwork and getting the house for my mom and aunt completed. She has her own place now but is here or at Keith’s most of the time. She’s a huge help! The information and images included in this listing were sourced from DreamCatcher Hill Puppies and Rescue.

  • Mary Nowak-Kuhn

    I am an in-home hobby breeder for many years. I only have a couple litters a year. The parents and puppies get the individual attention they need. We encourage all prospective puppy owners to do their research and be prepared with questions to ask the breeder. Make sure you are not only choosing the right breed for you, but also that you’re getting it from the right individual.   The information and images included in this listing were sourced from My Frenchie Puppies.  

  • Horizon Frenchies

    If you know and appreciate quality and the importance of choosing a reputable breeder, then you have found the right person. I breed for health, temperament and conformation. The health and well being of my Frenchies is very important to me. All of my puppies are raised in my home and are well socialized before being placed in their forever homes. There are French Bulldog puppies offered all over the internet, but remember, all French Bulldogs are not the same quality. When you receive a beautiful and healthy puppy from me, you’ll have a Frenchie you’ll be proud to own and cherish for many years to come. Our Frenchies come with a health guarantee and receive the very best of care before they go to their new homes. They are checked and are current on all wormings and vaccinations before you receive them. Be sure to ask about my live puppy cam when contacting about puppies!   The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Horizon Frenchies.

  • Dori Vronch – Coeur D’Or French Bulldogs

    I started Coeur D’Or French Bulldogs in 2005 after buying my very first French Bulldog and instantly fell in love with these adorable, funny and one of a kind dogs. Before raising French Bulldogs I raised Italian Mastiffs for over 10 years. Here at Coeur D’Or all of our dogs live in the home with us. They are all a part of our family and loved very dearly. There are no kennels here, All of our puppies start out their lives in my bedroom with me until they are old enough to walk around. Once they are walking they are brought out to the living room where they learn all about the everyday lives of living with us two-legged pack members! They learn the sounds of the doors, vacuums, kitchen noises and of course, they get to watch cartoons all day! All of our puppies are AKC registered and are vet checked before heading to new families. They are raised around the other dogs, children of different ages and even get to play with our cat Sid. We do not sell our puppies to just anyone who comes along wanting one, please do your research before buying a French Bulldog. These dogs are not easy to keep. Although we try our best to breed for health and temperament above all else they are still bulldogs and can be expensive, not only to buy, but also to own. They are a very sensitive breed that requires a lot of attention. These dogs are NOT outside dogs and we do not sell to anyone wanting an outside dog- they are indoor pets. They are a companion breed that loves attention and needs your love. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and if we do not have puppies available we are always happy to help you find a reputable breeder. Please enjoy our website and pictures of our babies and if you would like to see more feel free to check us out on Facebook under Coeur D’Or French Bulldogs. Thank you for visiting!   The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Coeur D’Or French Bulldogs.

  • Raw Dawg Frenchies

    Aram Mesina is from Illinois and breeds French Bulldogs. As a breeder, I’m a certified health coach and also a certified raw dog food specialist, so naturally I raised both their mom and dad on the healthiest diet since they were puppies themselves, and because mom and dad were super healthy, their offsprings reap the benefits from their genes and the mother’s vitamin and mineral-packed raw milk. In addition, I raise all dogs and pups using principles from Jane Killion’s Puppy Culture, and the book “The Art of Raising a Puppy” by the Monks of New Skete.   The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Raw Dawg Frenchies.

  • Alliss French Bulldogs

    We are the Alliss family myself (Trisha) and my husband Mike have three children Kyle, Madison, and Gavin. We are all animal lovers and enjoy the outdoors. Growing up I had numerous breeds of dogs. We mostly had farm dogs Blue Heelers and Great Pyrenees. I grew up with horses, goats, chickens, ducks, dogs, and cats. I always enjoyed taking care of them and loved having baby animals around on our small farm. Once, I was old enough for a job the perfect fit for me was a local veterinarian’s office. I worked part-time there for five years and learned a lot. Mike introduced me to the French Bulldog. He had always wanted one and was constantly showing me puppies he found online. One day he found a puppy locally and drove over to look, of course he came home with that puppy. When I arrived home that evening there was a sweet little French Bulldog there to greet me. He did learn from this that he should probably discuss decisions like that with me, but he knew I would fall in love. He was right that little guy stole my heart and started our obsession with the breed. Everyone says they are like potato chips you can’t just have one! A year later we purchased our first female to start breeding. In 2011, Alliss French Bulldogs was established. If you know me I don’t go into anything half-way. I did so much research my head was spinning, but the best knowledge I have gained was help from other experienced breeders. I’m still learning and will always be learning new things if you feel like you know it all… you don’t! Our goal here at Alliss French Bulldogs is to produce the finest quality French Bulldogs. We love this breed and will only produce puppies that are from healthy parents, correct structure, and wonderful temperament. Our dogs are raised in our home as part of the family. Every one of our puppies come with a full health guarantee, AKC registration, and a whole lot of love ready to give your family! You will also have the comfort in knowing that you have us to call with questions or concerns with the life of the puppy. We welcome updates and pictures.   The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Alliss French Bulldogs.

  • Jonathan Flores

    My name is Jon, and my story started with adopting two rescue cats from my local adoption center. My family and I decided that we needed a dog in our life too! We wanted a small dog close to the size of our cats, but of course one full of life with a playful yet cute personality. That’s when a French bulldog came into our lives, and now, we can’t get enough of our furry animals. We hope that you’ll have your own furry, loving companion too and experience how amazing French bulldogs are!   The information and images included in this listing were sourced from French Pup.