• Kara’s Cutest Frenchies

    Our goal at Kara’s Cutest  Frenchies is to breed, and raise the highest quality family Frenchies.  We breed for the all around dog that has a great disposition, good conformation, and is healthy.  We have been involved with raising animals all of our lives.  We currently have a farm and raise cattle, hair sheep, and quarter horses.  My name is Kara and my husband is Travis Miller.  We fell in love with the disposition and fun loving personalities of the French Bulldog.  Our dogs are our family pets, and are well cared for.   Our Frenchies go with us to feed, do chores around the farm, and even enjoy playing in the water when the weather permits.  These dogs have stolen our hearts and are just like family members to all of us.  Each Frenchie has its own personality, and they all want to please and be close to people.  The puppies that we offer for sale are all AKC registered,  come with a health guarantee, current worming and vaccination record , and micro chipped for AKC reunite.   Once  you’ve had a Frenchie nothing else will ever compare!!   The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Kara’s Cutest Frenchies

  • Jan Richardson /Phenomenal Frenchies

    Our goal is to produce lovable life companion French Bulldogs for sale to others – Something more than just a pet. With no children left at home, we invest our time and energy into raising adorable French Bulldog puppies. Our Frenchies are raised with the utmost care and quality foods. Their diets consist of mostly natural foods, with very little commercial products used. Our Frenchie’so are raised in our home with lots of love and attention and are our constant companions. With constant human interaction they fully belive their little four legged humans. We live in the country and our Frenchies have plenty of room to run and play. They get outside time along with permission to nap on the couch and recliner on their favorite quilts. We take our adult Frenchies with us almost wherever we go, or THEY like to think they take us along in THEIR pickup. Our friends know that when they see us coming we will have our whole “family” with us! Each of our puppies come with AKC registration,health guarantee, current worming and vaccinations record and AKC Reunite Micro chip. The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Phenomenal Frenchies