• Rock House Frenchies

    We specialize exclusively in French Bulldogs (“Frenchies”) – although we do have a “rogue” Boston Terrier in residence.  Our Payson Bed and Breakfast serves as our “Home’O Frenchies.  We focus on the health, structure and temperament of our dogs.  Our dogs are “hand raised” in a fun and loving environment and are well adjusted to people, handling and travel – they travel with us between our residence in Mesa and our Bed and Breakfast in Payson, AZ   “THE VERDE RIVER ROCK HOUSE BED AND BREAKFAST”  ( www.verderiverrockhouse.com ).   Our dogs come from some of the best and most respected & desirable  “lines” available and include: Cox, Daystar and Honeybul to name a few. When we first made the decision to offer our puppies to the public a friend (who is against “dog breeding” ) said to us, “There are so many dogs that need homes, why would you want to breed your dogs knowing that you are taking potential homes from dogs that really need one.”  We do not intend nor want to take good homes from homeless dogs; however, we strongly believe that if pet owners sought out a personality appropriate breed there would be less homeless pets.  That is why it is imperative that you research and get to know the temperament, characteristics, and mannerisms of the breed you wish to adopt – be sure to adopt the appropriate breed to fit your personality and lifestyle. In regards to homeless dogs, take a trip to your local pound maybe you will find a puppy/dog that will fit your personality/lifestyle as well as give a homeless dog a home.   Shelters in our area seem to consistently have pit bull mixes, as well as all the other high energy working breed mixes, for many people these breeds do not bode well as pets. Have you ever seen a French Bulldog at the pound?   French Bulldogs have proven to be excellent companions and entertainers in our home (no TV needed here)!  I give the French bulldog breed a tremendous amount of credit, but keep in mind I spend 99% of my time with my dogs.  I’m sure this has a big impact on why they are very well adjusted & loyal little lovers. If a compact medium energy little love muffin is what you are looking for then you are in the right place! We are a small, family owned breeder specializing in French Bulldogs.  Our babies have cute wrinkles and a great temperament and are very well socialized and extremely loving – they grow up being spoiled, fondled and adored by our Bed & Breakfast guests!  As our Frenchies and “Grandpups” travel back and forth from Mesa / Payson on a regular basis they are all “well-traveled” and acclimated to car rides.   We breed both pet and show quality puppies.  Our goal is to breed French bulldogs that exceed the breed standards for temperament, health, bone structure, and appearance. All puppies are covered by our health guarantee.  Our puppies always receive a Read more [...]

  • Spartan Kennel

    Debbie Babakitis is from Arizona and breeds French Bulldogs the website is spartankennel.com. We are Proud to share our Love for Frenchies!! This is a Loving Breed with a special place in our heart. Our Goal is to produce the Healthiest, Best Temperaments and Preserve the Breed of French Bulldogs with a Conscience Breeding Program to Promote the Breed! The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Spartan Kennel.

  • Blue Grit Kennel

    Thank you for your interest in our French Bulldog breeding program. We strive in efforts to provide a well-socialized representation of the breed in every puppy we handle. Keyword being handle. We take a hands-on approach to raising a quality puppy. My wife is a former veterinary technician and I am a former biology instructor. Together with our son, we take great care in the health and socialization of every puppy in a family oriented smoke-free environment. Please feel free to view all information presented on this as well as our website bluegritkennel.com and feel free to ask any questions we may have failed to provide the answers to. A picture of a prospective puppy is just the start of the selection journey but we believe you will see in our puppies that we are emotionally as well as responsibly invested in our breeding program of which has been built over the past 20 years. The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Blue Grit.

  • Stargate French Bulldogs

    Welcome to Stargate French Bulldogs, breeders of fine French Bulldogs, located in Oneonta, Alabama. I am Brenda Walker, and together with my husband Gary, we have been breeding French Bulldogs for the past 10 years. We love this breed and work very hard each and every day to insure our dogs are happy, healthy, clean, and cared for. We do everything humanly possible for our French Bulldogs, and they come first! Gary and I are very grateful to have such an awesome team of Veterinarians, techs, and staff at Animal Hospital. We could not provide you with these wonderful little bundles of joy, called The French Bulldogs, without the help and support of this fine team of professionals. The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Stargate French Bulldogs 

  • Millander Bullies French Bulldogs

    Thank you for your interest in our Frenchies, they make wonderful additions to the family. We are a small hobby breeder, with 11 years experience, relocated to southern Alabama offering home raised, AKC registered, show quality and companion pet French Bulldog puppies. All puppies will go home with; contract, 1 yr health guarantee, AKC paperwork, Vet checkup, med record, up to date on shots and dewormings, small bag of puppy food, toy, and blanket. The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Millander Bullies.

  • Roger and Vicki Matthews

    We are a hobby/kennel established in 2006 located in North Alabama. We specialize in one breed, French Bulldog. We are an AKC inspected kennel. Our primary goal is breeding healthy and happy puppies that meet AKC and French Bulldog Club of America show standards. We are available to answer any questions you may have about our dogs. The information and images included in this listing were sourced from White Oak French Bulldogs.

  • Angela Donald

    Champion Sired French Bulldog Puppies All of our french bulldog puppies are AKC champion sired with DNA health tested parents. Top of the Line French Bulldogs Our breeding program utilizes respected USA lines and lines aboard. When you adopt a RedRuby french bulldog puppy you can rest assured they’ll be a good representation of the breed standard. Looking for that Treasured Companion? All of our french bulldogs are raised in our home not kennels. They are treasured members of our family and treated like the little jewels they are. We have shown and breed boxers for more than 20 years, after retirement and our last boxer crossed the Rainbow Bridge we decided to downsize to French bulldogs and occasionally have a litter available. We believe in quality not quantity. The information and images included in this listing were sourced from RedRuby French Bulldogs.

  • Carney Hollow

    We have been hobby breeders for over 20 years, having 1-2 litters a year. We are passionate about our Frenchies because they are our family. We responsibly breed our pups to maintain the breed standard, lovable temperaments and pristine health.  Our mama dogs are our family and are spoiled rotten (as any frenchie should). We proudly show our dogs in AKC shows. We are located in the sprawling Finger Lakes Region of Upstate NY.  We are located about 35 minutes from Rochester and 10 minutes from Canandaigua among the mountains of Bristol. We sincerely appreciate your interest in our French Bulldogs. The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Carney Hollow French Bulldogs.