• Ridge Run Frenchies

    We are Ridge Run Frenchies, and we love raising irresistible French Bulldogs at our home. We take great pride in our bright & playful pups. We are located in Southwest Wisconsin, but if you do not live in the area, we can make arrangements with someone who can bring the dog to you. Please do not let location deter you! Our entire family takes part in raising and playing with our Frenchies, including all of our children. The pups soak up all of the love and attention our children lavish on them, and they are just as friendly and loving in return. The majority of our pups are Chocolate French Bulldogs, which are very rare. We feel blessed that we are able to experience something that only a select few can. We want to share how much joy they bring us to other loving families who will take care of them the way they deserve to be treated.   The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Ridge Run Frenchies.