• Bulldog’s Dig it

    At Bulldogs Dig it we are a Outstanding Pet Quality Breeder and Stud Service of English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs. With our multi generation pedigree. We take pride in producing quality canine companions through artificial insemination . This means that we are not a volume producer. All of our puppies are hand raised and share our home in a loving environment. They truly grow up to exceptional dogs; brave and athletic but with the sweetest, most playful personality.   Our Bulldogs enjoy laying around watching TV with you but they are also well suited for outdoor activities. Bulldog’s Dig it’s has great satisfaction in hand raising puppies for you, your family and friends. It is our pleasure to introduce you to the perfect bulldog for you or you are interested in raising a litter yourself. One of our Studs could suit your needs in the English Bulldog or French Bulldog Breeds through artificial insemination. Studs are proven and can produce Beautiful AKC puppies. We also provide artificial insemination for your Stud and Dam.   The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Bulldog’s Dig it.

  • Getmorepets: Frenchies Only

    Breeding French Bulldog Puppies With Love & Dedication   We raise nothing but the sweetest pets at our North Carolina, French Bulldog puppy nursery.   At GetMorePets we are dedicated to our dogs, our puppies, our customers and our breed; it’s all in the interest of bringing you the best North Carolina French bulldog puppies for sale so that you and your dog can feel secure in your investment in a new pet and a lifetime of love.     The Knowledge And Experience To Raise great Pets   As an experienced breeder of AKC registered French Bulldogs and APRI registered French Bulldogs, we have thoroughly researched what it takes to be a responsible dog breeder.  We know that the success of your match with your new French bulldog puppy starts with us and with what we do here.   Although our customers bear the greatest responsibility in the care and training of the French bulldog puppies they take home, we know that the time the frenchies for sale here spend with us is crucial to a good, stable start in life.  To give our North Carolina French bulldog puppies for sale at our nursery the best possible start to life as companion animals, we socialize them each and every day, spending time holding them, handling them, and playing with them.   We have a deep respect for our dogs, and we take our role as breeder of AKC registered French bulldogs  very seriously.  We personally handle the sale of all of our French bulldog puppies, and would never trust the care and placement of our pets to a pet broker or pet store.  Very simply, we know the animals there do not get the care and attention that we will give them, and we know that the buyers of those dogs are not getting a pet that has been lovingly cared for and given the optimal start to life as a companion and family member.  Lifetime support is included with every puppy we raise.     On Registrations & More   We do believe in registering our French bulldog puppies as a mechanism for maintaining responsible breed standards and preserving the integrity of the breed.  While we do believe in the importance and value of pet registrations, we also believe in the right of pet owners to keep high-quality pets, whether or not for show, and so we offer AKC registered French bulldogs.     Helping You Bring Your Forever Friend To His Forever Home   While we are based in North Carolina, we welcome responsible buyers from across the U.S.A.   In order for us to be compliant with the new USDA rulings, you will have to make arrangements to meet us here in  North Carolina.  Once you meet with us and your prospective puppy, then you can carry your new addition home with you in the passenger area of your airline carrier.  For adoptive parents that are driving distance to our home, we will try our best to meet you part way at a convenient location in Read more [...]

  • Lucas Rodriguez

    Welcome to Madd-Bullz! Here you will find an admirable companion to suit your families needs. We have been breeding top quality  bulldogs since 2006 just outside of Charlotte, NC. Madd-Bullz guarantees healthy puppies that are AKC  or IOEBA registered with competitive pricing. Your new bulldog will be dewormed and have all necessary  vaccines so he will be ready for his new  home. Whether you live in the area or out of state, shipping is available so everyone can enjoy these lovable pets.   The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Madd-Bullz.

  • Royalty Pets

    We are the Moore Family, Breeders of AKC, French Bulldogs, Cavalier King Charles, and Minature Dachshunds. Here in the Triad area, puppies are raised from only the Best. Rebecca and Christy Moore know that adding a new puppy to your home is and investment that needs protection and a memorable, important event. We want to give you the assurance that you deserve, that we will and want to be here for you for as long as you need us. We are only a phone call away. From Our home to yours we want to give you only the best Royal Pet you can get. Our puppies come with a one year guarantee against genetic health disease. Our kennels are inspected by AKC. And we invite you to visit us before purchasing. Our puppies are all hand delivered by us or a licensed vet. They are monitored day and night and never left alone. We assure you they have been handled, loved and spoiled every day of their life. They get vet care that is needed. They receive proper nutrition for healthy growth. They reside with their mother and siblings for at least eight weeks, which makes them smart, and intelligent. We make sure that when they leave us they go to the proper home. Someone that can give them the love and care they deserve. And if something happens that they cant. Then we will take them back. Please take time to visit our Gallery, Pictures of our family pets and puppies that are available.   The information and images included in this listing were sourced from Royalty Pets.