• Dreamcatcher Hill

    Welcome to DreamCatcher Hill! I originally started a website in 2009 to make it easy and fun to learn about my Westies. I have raised a small number of purebred puppies for over 30 years, variety has grown as my human family has also grown. We are all different! The farm here in Brighton Illinois is a dream come true. We love our dogs, rescued critters of many varieties and country life. I raised dogs for over 30 years, Westies for over 25 years. I have 3 grown children, and 2 grandsons I am blessed live only a few miles away. I have a terrific fiancé who also loves the farm and critters. He’s also capable of fixing anything he puts his mind too. A handy man is just the best! Plus extended family and friends who visit, move in and stay, or live here as a temporary home as they each build their own dream. We are blessed to be a part of it all. Over time I have added pages and updated the farm name from Laurel’s West Highland White Terriers to DreamCatcher Hill, as our furry family has grown to include our rescued dogs, horses, Art’s adorable loving Cavaliers, soft furry poodles for designer crosses, the super-wrinkly, smart Shar Pei crosses, and ever silly happy Frenchies. My Uncle AL who moved here in 2013 added Pugs! I can now understand how people call them the clowns of the dog world. In 2016 my aging mother and aunt also moved here full time. We completed their own little house here on the farm in fall of 2017. Fortunately we were even able to make room for my cousin, Brenda, who moved here May 2016. She has been a huge help, not sure what I would do without her! Unfortunately I had to figure out what I would do without her as she has gone back to her ex-husband up north 6 months later. Aryne, a young mom with 3 little boys, we met in December 2016 moved in April 2017. She needed a place and we needed help with paperwork and getting the house for my mom and aunt completed. She has her own place now but is here or at Keith’s most of the time. She’s a huge help! The information and images included in this listing were sourced from DreamCatcher Hill Puppies and Rescue.